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Monday, 27 April 2009

MORE Judy Dyble news/ Fairport

" Talking with strangers " new album news

Judy has added more teasers from the " Talking with strangers " album ( due for release July 2009 ), one of which will be of particular interest to KING CRIMSON fans

The rather epic " Harpsong " ( featuring Fripp,Ian McDonald and Pat Mastelotto) is now on myspace.

Second sample track snippet is of the beautiful " Grey October Day " (with Tim Bowness singing )


Judy's blog posts the following:

" A little bit of Grey October Day with the silky vocals of Tim Bowness.. this will be a single I think and a tantalising glimpse of the Harpsong - the 20 minute epic- this is a small section just before it all goes a bit bananas :-) There will be more and different tasters over the next few weeks. That's so mean isn't it? :-) "

Another of the many album contributors JULIANNE REGAN has also added samples to her myspace page for your aural delight... listen HERE

This album features a wide variety of guests and promises to be Judy's best yet.

Judy Dyble official site HERE
Judy's blog HERE


Other Judy Dyble news, this time with regard to the band that started it all.. FAIRPORT CONVENTION.. again from Judy's blog:

Barbican 18th July

" I have just been asked if I would like to sing at the Fairport concert here.. I think that might be quite fun to do... Lovely day today and what has made it even nicer is that the masters have arived. Y-a-a-a-y! "


The Barbican gig promises to be an amazing extravaganza !

Originally posted on Dave Swarbrick's site:

"To celebrate the 40th anniversary of three Fairport Convention albums there will be a big Fairport Concert at the
Barbican in London on Saturday 18th July. Swarb will be taking part, alongside other Fairport alumni and there will be a
few surprises on the night. Watch this space for further details."

An All-Star Fairport Convention Concert

18 July 2009 / 19:30
Barbican Hall

Tickets: £10 / 15 / 20 / 25
subject to availability

Update from a Barbican press release:

"• Witchseason Weekender. A celebration of the Witchseason label and the man who did so much to support and promote the British folk-rock scene in the extraordinarily creative years of the late 1960s, Boston-born producer and label boss Joe Boyd. Curated by Boyd himself, the first concert will be a reunion concert by Fairport Convention, with original members including Richard Thompson and material from the group’s classic albums, such as Liege and Lief and Unhalfbricking. The second will feature the music of the Incredible String Band with guest appearances by Richard Thompson, legendary singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan and Canadian folk hero Kate McGarrigle. (18 and 19 July)"

Bloody hell !!
PLEASE take this opportunity to RECORD and RELEASE a dvd of this !!

Just to remind you :D

Jude with Fairport " Time will show the wiser "

Sunday, 26 April 2009

ezfolk.. another resource bites the dust :(

recieved in email just now.. sad news

Hi Folks,

I'm sorry to have to announce the closing of the ezFolk website. There have been some things that have happened recently that have made it difficult to continue, and the site will close as of April 30, 2009.

I received an email from Google last week that it appeared the ezFolk website had been hacked and was being used by spammers of some sort. After looking into it I discovered that hundreds of pages in the general site containing tutorials as well as the main page had been modified by an outside source. It's not the malicious type of a hack that will do damage to a user's computer, so don't worry about that, but it is enough damage to the website that it has to be fixed and it is more of a job than I'm able to do.

Compounding the problem is that Google also informed me they would be removing links to the ezFolk site, and although there were still links coming in from Google the last time I looked, there has been a drop of about 50% in traffic since then.

These are all problems that could be fixed over time, but honestly I'm getting older and really can't keep up with the new technology and it would only get worse over time. I started working on ezFolk almost 10 years ago in the fall of 1999, and I thought if I worked hard enough for long enough it would pay off and I would eventually be able to make a living from the site and make it my full-time occupation. That never worked out and in recent months we've barely been breaking even, which means I've been working for free. With a 50% drop in traffic we won't come close to breaking even, which means that to keep the website up and running I will not only have to work for free, which I'm used to, but I will also have to pay the bills out of my own pocket. That's not a good option.

I sent out a payment today to all artists who have earnings of at least $2.00. I didn't send a payment to those under $2.00 because it would probably be more trouble than it's worth on my end and your end as well, but if you have earnings under $2.00 and want me to pay you, let me know and I'll send it to you. You can email me at

If you don't know how to check your sales, here's how you do it:

Go to your control panel, then...
Click on "Profile"
Click on "Statistics"
Click on "Sales Stats"

I'm sending this message out to all Artists and Members and posting it in the forums as well. If I've left anything out or you have questions or comments, feel free to respond to the forum message or email me.

I do apologize to all of the faithful users of ezFolk who made the site a good place to visit and I hope we're still friends.

All the best,

Richard Hefner

can anyone help out?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Judy Dyble has been working on new album " Talking with strangers " and the process is nearing completion :D

If you trot over to her MYSPACE you can read her blog updates there as well as view these fabulous retro pics that she posted up very recently. How great are these?

Also on her myspace she has posted snippets of some of the new album tracks.. well worth a listen.

To interact with Judy about this album you can either go to her MYSPACE or HERE ( the TAW forum thread where she has already answered some questions about the album and new pics )

From that thread Judy says :

" There are snippets from two tracks from my new album, Talking With Strangers, which is now due for release on 20th July 2009 'C'est La Vie' the Greg Lake/Pete Sinfield song and 'Jazzbirds' written by me,Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy, hope you like them Grin There are also a couple of illustrations from the inlay booklet "

Further conversation revealed a bit about the recording process ( with musicians from all over the world ) :

Me : " i am going to be awkward and ask you who has played on each track from the long list you've put on myspace and also how you went about co-ordinating all of that unless you whipped around the world without us noticing ? "Shocked

Judy : " Mostly done via the clever internet, some people (Simon Nicol, Jacqui McShee, the oboe player Sanchia, and I) were physically recorded in my house- in fact in the room in which I am now typing. Julianne Regan, Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Pat Mastelotto (both in the US) and Celia Humphris, (France) sent their contributions by email and others were recorded in Norfolk.. Alistair co-ordinated everything and did most of the recording, Tim added his ears and vocals where needed Cool The track listings are long and complicated....."

Regarding the newly posted pics Judy said:

" Tis a nice old harp isn't it? The first one to tear my fingers to bits.. The photos were taken by my late uncle, a tutor at Hornsey School of Art in London.. he wanted to try out his new camera so we drove out to the countryside in Hertfordshire for him to practise taking these kind of publicity pictures. He only developed 3 of them at the time,but gave me the negatives which have been lying in a drawer,unnoticed for over 40 years, surviving many moves, a house fire and clearings outs. I discovered them a few months ago and wondered what they were, so had them put onto a disc, thinking they were too old to be useable, but lo and behold.. pictures of my youth.. Grin

TALKING WITH STRANGERS by Judy Dyble is released on July 20th


Official site HERE ( with snippets from albums )

Judy's myspace HERE ( with snippets of the new tracks )

Judy's blog HERE

King Crimson news HERE

Judy Dyble Wikipedia HERE

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David Hughes

"Anyone who's in danger of overdosing on the oh-so-sensitive-and-mellow end of the acoustic spectrum should check out David eye..sardonic wit..very British."
Dirty Linen, USA
(Mar 2000)

Why isn't this man rich and famous and a household name?

Wordy, sharp witted, ironic, satirical, a skilled singer songwriter and a fine fingerstyle guitarist and yet relatively unknown except within the folk circuit.

David Hughes is an acoustic guitarist, songwriter, playwright and author. His five albums include ACTIVE IN THE PARISH which, in 1997 was named by Q magazine as one of their albums of the year. His three published books include a diary of a UK tour supporting Fairport Convention in 1998. His plays, with a local focus, regularly sell out in Maldon, Essex.

He has recorded and performed with some of the finest musicians in the UK including Gerry Conway, Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson, Bert Jansch, Eddi Reader, Dave Mattacks, Dave Pegg, Spencer Cozens, Chris While, Julie Matthews, Chris Leslie and Alan Thomson.

"David Hughes can tell a story and he entertains. Warts and all, it's here...Cannily the whole tale is enlightened by a live CD in the back cover which proves Hughes to be not only a lively writer but an adroit songwriter to boot..."
(Dec 1998)



Of great interest to Fairport Convention fans, the 1998 tour diary and cd package is a humerous and lively account of his supporting slot with the biggest folk rock band in the UK

"The Fairport Tour"
(From support act to God Of Rock)
by David Hughes

An account of 30 consecutive nights on the road, as support act on the 1998 Fairport Convention winter tour.
Almost a historic document

This book was originally published on the net, as a daily report from the tour bus. Then with some extra material and a load more photos, it was published as a book in time for the Cropredy festival.
We thought that we had sold out, but with some very late b
ook shop returns, there are now a final 80 copies available.

Even though this was only about four years ago, since then the tour bus and DM have departed. So it's a bit of Fairport history.

Info on this is HERE
Available HERE ( but I believe it really is in short supply )

I own this and it is worth buying


As well as being a solo artist, he tours each year with ST AGNES FOUNTAIN ( with Chris While, Chris Leslie and Julie Matthews ) and has also toured with Pentangle and Fairport.

I am hoping for new material.. but until then will enjoy the collection I have and probably catch him with St Agnes Fountain again if they come to Wales. I have some pics and video of that show in Pontardawe last x mas to shove on here as soon as I can. It was the first time I had seen them and they were excellent.

I urge you to give this man a listen and grab some of his music. It seems very wrong to me that talent like this is not as widely acknowledged as it deserves to be.
And I wish I could play like him !

His albums are available HERE and are well worth buying

David Hughes official website HERE

David Hughes MYSPACE with tracks

Press articles HERE

David Hughes on Cropredy 2002 HERE


Hughes's published books are: THE MALDONIANS, hardback, 1996; THE FAIRPORT TOUR, paperback, 1998, both published by The Folk Corporation, and, most recently, MALDON, published by Black Horse Books.

His plays: LOCAL KNOWLEDGE, 2000.



David's albums are:
(1992 Hypertension HYCD 200 126)
(1995 The Folk Corporation TFCCD 999)
(1997 The Folk Corporation TFCCD 1099)
(1999 The Folk Corporation TFCCD 2003)
RECOGNISED 19 track compilation
(2002 The Folk Corporation TFCCD 2007)
(2004 The Folk Corporation TFCCD 2010).

Other Albums include:

Credits: top pic by Chris Bates