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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Smartphones and social networking...

Article on social networking for musicians coming soon...

I use a smartphone, and would never use anything else to be honest...

Now that I have been spoilt :D .... I use a SAMSUNG i600 ( BLACKJACK in the states ) which runs on windows and has windows media player and creates a surprising amount of noise through its tiny speaker.

I use it for the obvious.. the texting and calling, but more and more so for social networking re: music stuff inc. facebook and twitter... and also due to the memory capacity, I use it to store an awful lot of music.

So what of ASUS.. I previously only knew them for their laptops, but upon scouting the new phones available came across this beauty:

ASUS Raises the Bar for Mobile and Multimedia Enjoyment with P835 WVGA PDA Phone

ASUS, a leading producer of innovative handhelds, today launched the P835, a PDA phone that delivers an Internet browsing and multimedia viewing experience without equal.

Designed for business-savvy professionals who appreciate a screen as big as their ambitions, the P835 is equipped with a large 3.5” touchscreen that runs at WVGA resolution—offering five times the number of pixels of most phones and delivering the best document, photo, movie and website viewing experience possible.

Apart from being able to display more of a webpage onscreen, the P835 boasts features that greatly enrich users’ online experience, including blazing fast HSUPA 7.2Mbps download speeds, a responsive trackball that makes scrolling effortless and Opera Mobile, a user-friendly and full-featured Web browser.

It wraps all of its impressive functionality in an elegant touch-optimized interface which is intuitive, interactive and attractive.


Social networking of course is essential for any musician, or indeed anyone with a business.

More on the Samsung Blackjack HERE