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Monday, 2 March 2009

PROMOTION: 10 free ways to increase website traffic

Generating traffic requires that we consider two aspects: Money and Time. Either you invest the money and save yourself a lot of time or, you invest a lot of time and save yourself a lot of money.

Buying traffic is the easiest way to generate traffic. But if you are starting as an Internet marketer, you probably do not have much money to spend on traffic to begin with.

So that leaves you with the need to invest your time.

Free traffic techniques can be time consuming. The good news is that they are 100% free and will get you a fair amount of targeted traffic. It helps a lot to have your site properly optimized for monetization, that way you can start earning enough money to invest in buying traffic, and save your valuable time.

Here is a list of some free traffic techniques you can start using right away:

1. First of all, submit your site to the major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) and to as many other search engines as you can. Last time I checked, there were about 105 good ones.

2. Write 5 articles to start and submit them to the free website and article directories. Remind yourself of Including a link to your site in the article itself or in your bio box. Optimized you article for a keyword your site is targeting.

3. Look for blogs or websites related to your topic and leave useful, quality comments that have a backlink to your site. A way of doing this is to go to, and start answering questions related to your site's subject.

Another very common action is to join the most popular forums that deal with your site's topic and becoming an active poster but keep in mind, do not spam them or you will not last long. Every forum has a signature file unless it has been disabled by the administrator.

And of course, include a link to your site in your signature.

4. Now pay attention to this as it can be very powerful. Write a press release about your site and submit it to popular press release sites is one of several. If you are not familiar with press releases, take some time to do a little research.

Keep in mind that a press release is written differently from an article. Learn how to write one. It's fairly simple, but you need to know how to write one. Some of them are free and others charge you for their services. Start with the free ones and as you generate income, you can add the paid services to your promotional efforts.

5. If you have purchased a product or service and you are happy with it, write an unbiased testimonial and trade it for a back link to your site.

6. One quick way to get extra free traffic is to add a link to your site in your email signature.

7. Start a page on,, and on any other high page rank social bookmarking site you can find.

In the same way, go to, open a few accounts, create a few lenses and link them to your site.

9. Submit a video to Use youtube powerful viral capabilities.You don't really need to be a video producing wizard at all. A simple PowerPoint slideshow with some background music will do the job with no problems.

10. This last tip is not free, but is worth the extra dosh. Check out the misspellings or variations of your domain name, or those of your competitors. If you find a good available domain, grab it and redirect the traffic to your site. This trick has been done for many years by the informed ones.

Now if all this looks like a full time job is because it can be! These techniques work, but you don't have to use them all at the same time. Just pick the one you feel the best with and act now.

Invest 30 minutes to an hour daily in building your free traffic. Then go to your next technique and within several weeks you should be earning enough money to afford to buy traffic and concentrate your time and efforts on building your online business they way you always dreamed of.

PROMOTION : Using Yahoo answers as a promotional tool

Yahoo Answers gets around a billion visitors and practically all of them want to know an answer to their questions? These types of people are an Internet Marketer's dream - highly motivated laser targeted visitors, yet still most marketers are not using Yahoo Answers correctly.

Therefore this article will show you how you can use it to increase your web site traffic so you can get these targeted customers right to your website front door.

Obviously the first thing you need is an account with Yahoo Answers, and then you need to start answering questions.

Do a search for questions in your niche and find those ones that haven't been closed yet. Most questions are open for four days so you'll have plenty of time to find a bunch of questions to write a reply to.

Choose around 10 or so questions that you'd like to answer and only put your link in the resource box in 2 of them.

Why don't you put your link in all your answers?

Well Yahoo hates spammers and if you start putting your link in every answer you give you'll send out warning bells.

It's best to be safe the sorry. So only choose a few to put your link into and the rest just write short quick answers to balance things out.

I always like to answer in different categories too - to make it look more natural - rather than just answering in the one category.

Your overall goal will be to get best answers for those questions that you gave your link to, so try and write a really good response for those ones. You'll get the most website traffic from those questions that you get best answer for because your response will be at the top of the page and most readers don't ready past the first reply.

Of course there are many other considerations that you need to take to make this strategy work best for you - but if you follow them correctly you'll start getting masses of Yahoo answers traffic
in no time.

PROMOTION: using traffic exchanges

A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.

In practice, traffic exchange programs are generally used by small business owners or marketers who either want free advertising or use the exchange programs for low-budget advertisement campaigns. Of course this works amazingly well for musicians including blogs, main websites, my space etc



Many people use traffic exchanges to try and generate traffic for their home-based business . Yes, they may get lots of views from these traffic exchanges but that is just about it. Just views, no sales. The problem with traffic exchanges is everyone is busy advertising their own business instead of looking for new businesses. So basically you have too many advertisers and no buyers.

In order to use traffic exchanges effectively you must cater to the advertisers. You must offer something that appeals to the advertisers in the traffic exchanges. So here is a simple solution. Create a subscription webpage offering a free course / FREE mp3 download or a subscribe only bonus.. then on your thank you page, where you thank them for signing up for your free course/ download etc, you then present whatever product your home-based business is selling, in your case your album etc. Or it could be a subscription to your newsletter or a free e-book with your links in it. Use your imagination, a thank you page is a great way to market your product. When you have your webpage setup, start to market your course on the traffic exchanges. As for the content for the free course, just relay the same information you learned from this article.

This is very effective. Also if you do not have the tech skills to create the two pages above, you will have to hire someone. It should not cost much since this is very simple to do. This is one of the many different techniques you can use to build your home-based business . Some traffic exchanges like TRAFFIC SPLASH offer you FREE splash pages to promote in this way also.

This has worked for me.. one thing I will add is that the MANUAL exachnges work far better than the AUTO ones in my experience...

Althought it may be tempting to let an auto exchange run in the background people do not tend to look at the sites... after all if it does it for you why would you look at anyone elses?
Use a manual exchange with a good conversion/view rate... you will get hits and sign ups and also more importantly sales !