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Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Judy Dyble has been working on new album " Talking with strangers " and the process is nearing completion :D

If you trot over to her MYSPACE you can read her blog updates there as well as view these fabulous retro pics that she posted up very recently. How great are these?

Also on her myspace she has posted snippets of some of the new album tracks.. well worth a listen.

To interact with Judy about this album you can either go to her MYSPACE or HERE ( the TAW forum thread where she has already answered some questions about the album and new pics )

From that thread Judy says :

" There are snippets from two tracks from my new album, Talking With Strangers, which is now due for release on 20th July 2009 'C'est La Vie' the Greg Lake/Pete Sinfield song and 'Jazzbirds' written by me,Tim Bowness and Alistair Murphy, hope you like them Grin There are also a couple of illustrations from the inlay booklet "

Further conversation revealed a bit about the recording process ( with musicians from all over the world ) :

Me : " i am going to be awkward and ask you who has played on each track from the long list you've put on myspace and also how you went about co-ordinating all of that unless you whipped around the world without us noticing ? "Shocked

Judy : " Mostly done via the clever internet, some people (Simon Nicol, Jacqui McShee, the oboe player Sanchia, and I) were physically recorded in my house- in fact in the room in which I am now typing. Julianne Regan, Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald, Pat Mastelotto (both in the US) and Celia Humphris, (France) sent their contributions by email and others were recorded in Norfolk.. Alistair co-ordinated everything and did most of the recording, Tim added his ears and vocals where needed Cool The track listings are long and complicated....."

Regarding the newly posted pics Judy said:

" Tis a nice old harp isn't it? The first one to tear my fingers to bits.. The photos were taken by my late uncle, a tutor at Hornsey School of Art in London.. he wanted to try out his new camera so we drove out to the countryside in Hertfordshire for him to practise taking these kind of publicity pictures. He only developed 3 of them at the time,but gave me the negatives which have been lying in a drawer,unnoticed for over 40 years, surviving many moves, a house fire and clearings outs. I discovered them a few months ago and wondered what they were, so had them put onto a disc, thinking they were too old to be useable, but lo and behold.. pictures of my youth.. Grin

TALKING WITH STRANGERS by Judy Dyble is released on July 20th


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