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Monday, 27 April 2009

MORE Judy Dyble news/ Fairport

" Talking with strangers " new album news

Judy has added more teasers from the " Talking with strangers " album ( due for release July 2009 ), one of which will be of particular interest to KING CRIMSON fans

The rather epic " Harpsong " ( featuring Fripp,Ian McDonald and Pat Mastelotto) is now on myspace.

Second sample track snippet is of the beautiful " Grey October Day " (with Tim Bowness singing )


Judy's blog posts the following:

" A little bit of Grey October Day with the silky vocals of Tim Bowness.. this will be a single I think and a tantalising glimpse of the Harpsong - the 20 minute epic- this is a small section just before it all goes a bit bananas :-) There will be more and different tasters over the next few weeks. That's so mean isn't it? :-) "

Another of the many album contributors JULIANNE REGAN has also added samples to her myspace page for your aural delight... listen HERE

This album features a wide variety of guests and promises to be Judy's best yet.

Judy Dyble official site HERE
Judy's blog HERE


Other Judy Dyble news, this time with regard to the band that started it all.. FAIRPORT CONVENTION.. again from Judy's blog:

Barbican 18th July

" I have just been asked if I would like to sing at the Fairport concert here.. I think that might be quite fun to do... Lovely day today and what has made it even nicer is that the masters have arived. Y-a-a-a-y! "


The Barbican gig promises to be an amazing extravaganza !

Originally posted on Dave Swarbrick's site:

"To celebrate the 40th anniversary of three Fairport Convention albums there will be a big Fairport Concert at the
Barbican in London on Saturday 18th July. Swarb will be taking part, alongside other Fairport alumni and there will be a
few surprises on the night. Watch this space for further details."

An All-Star Fairport Convention Concert

18 July 2009 / 19:30
Barbican Hall

Tickets: £10 / 15 / 20 / 25
subject to availability

Update from a Barbican press release:

"• Witchseason Weekender. A celebration of the Witchseason label and the man who did so much to support and promote the British folk-rock scene in the extraordinarily creative years of the late 1960s, Boston-born producer and label boss Joe Boyd. Curated by Boyd himself, the first concert will be a reunion concert by Fairport Convention, with original members including Richard Thompson and material from the group’s classic albums, such as Liege and Lief and Unhalfbricking. The second will feature the music of the Incredible String Band with guest appearances by Richard Thompson, legendary singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan and Canadian folk hero Kate McGarrigle. (18 and 19 July)"

Bloody hell !!
PLEASE take this opportunity to RECORD and RELEASE a dvd of this !!

Just to remind you :D

Jude with Fairport " Time will show the wiser "