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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bert Jansch, Danny Thompson, John Renbourne FREE

Bert Jansch, John Renbourn & Danny Thompson - Open Air Festival, Gandino, Bergamo, Italy, August 5th 1990, from master.

Disc One :

Bert Jansch Solo Set:

1. Bonny Portmore (aka The Ornament Tree)
2. Durban's Flowery Vale
3. David
4. Pretty Sara

Bert Jansch & Danny Thompson Set :

5. Let Me Sing
6. One For Jo
7. Chat
8. Black Mountain Side part. 1 (with vocals, same trad. Jimmy Page made famous)
9. Black Mountain Side part. 2 (1 glitch between the two parts)
10. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

John Renbourn Solo Set :

11. Instrumental
12. I Know That Someday I'll Sing A Lullaby
13. Watch The Stars (Pentangle's cover)
14. Lord Franklin
15. Little Niles (Randy Weston Cover)
16. Lindsay
17. Sandwood Down To Kyle pt. 1 (1 glitch between the two parts)
18. Sandwood Down To Kyle pt. 2

Disc Two :

1. Three Sheeps
2. Cherry Instrumental (Dollar Brand Cover)

Bert Jansch, John Renbourn & Danny Thompson Set :

3. Instrumental
4. The Time Has Come >
5. Servant >
6. Sally Free And Easy (Pentangle's cover)
7. I've Got A Feeling (Pentangle's cover)

Really nice recording, awesome performance.

Bert Jansch official site

John Renbourn official site

Danny Thompson official site


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I've only had a scan of your blog so far (I'm at work) but its looks good and I'll have a proper read later!

Folk love

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Kims Art said...

I am also returning the blog visit and thank you! You made my day! I came here the other day and had a blast. I did not leave a comment because I was having so much fun listning and reading all the posts and then went on to all the links which took me on a cyber journey. Fun! I will be back!