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Friday, 11 July 2008

Building a business list

As a woman about to launch a business there is a lot going on behind the scenes...blogging, networking, writing and designing, html, promotion etc etc.... the most important thing when all is in place is GETTING LEADS for my business.


In two weeks I have 387 join my list from this and it did not cost me a bean.
Clever title too... and smart marketing.

I admit that when I saw this link in my email, I followed it for nothing more than sheer morbid curiosity lol

Afterwards, the reading and researching commenced. I know, a bit backwards, huh? Oh well...

The company are not giving out a lot of information about this right now, creating an air of mystique which creates curiosity It's an invite-only type of deal too, so you can only join up if you've been invited. (Consider yourself invited)

Here's what I have heard so far
* Bubonik is launching next month and when it is released it is supposed to spread like wildfire.

* The program will always be free, no strings attached, no matter what. No upgrading, no fees, no hoops, ever, guaranteed.

* It has a great potential for much profit.

* There will be an availability of marketing tools for existing businesses, blogs, newsletters, mailings, and other such things one might want to tell people about.

* It is a new, unique system for promotion and list building.

* You can remove yourself from the program at any time.

* No selling required.

Here's what they have to say about their secrecy: "For now the secrets behind Bubonik will have to remain under wraps, but believe me, when we launch it WILL work and it will make a LOT OF MONEY very quickly for a lot of people ... whether you are one of them is down to you..."

Like I say, I joined, stuck my link on a few autosurf programs and have gained 387 listees to market to.

Catch The Plague today! Aren't you curious too?