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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Dave Swarbrick RARE AUCTION !!

Dave Swarbrick is auctioning a very rare piece of Fairport history in aid of the starving people of Ethiopia.

Swarb is auctioning a piece of music signed by his late friend and former Fairport member, Sandy Denny, on eBay

"When Sandy died, the contents of her music stool came to me. Amongst the contents, were twelve pieces of her sheet music, all classical which Sandy played from time to time.

What makes them unique, is not only were they owned by Sandy, but each one is autographed by her. In the thirty years or so that I have owned these keep-sakes, I have only released four of them and all to women who have a special interest in Sandy. They are: Pamela Winters, Cathy le Surf, Vikki Clayton and Chris While.

I am now offering for auction, a framed copy of Bosworth's Musical Classics. Signed: Sandy Denny and authenticated on the reverse of the frame by myself, Dave Swarbrick.

Closing date is Friday 8th August. The winning bidder will be announced on the Saturday night at the Fairport's Cropredy Festival. And, also on Fairport Convention's website. Unless of course, there is a specific request by the successful bidder for anonymity. There is no reserve and all proceeds will be donated to ETHIOPIAID."


jyamamo said...

Thanks for posting all this information! I'm not a woman, but I still found it useful and interesting.

I remember Fairport Convention getting the ball rolling at the Bath Festival at Shepton Mallet in 1970; after a night of heavy rain, the sky began to clear up as the lovely melodies came floating through the air...

Ah! Such memories!