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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Judy Dyble... She is a bit good !

I have just stumbled upon Judy's BLOG...

Very entertaining, but then much of what she says is.
She is currently working on a new album, and upon release has very groovily agreed to an interview with this very blog. Can't wait... plan to ask some unusual and interesting questions, as there are far too many interviews ( imo ) focusing on Fairport and times gone by...
The fact is that Judy has been doing solo stuff for a while now and I would like to focus on that.

Below is a little bio for youtube that I did for her ( because there wasn't one ).. it is short and a bit crap and currently being remade into a longer more detailed effort that will do her far more justice. It features three of her solo tracks, so if you are unfamiliar with her solo stuff take a listen:

The thing I love most about Judy's music are the floaty vocals and the words she chooses to paint with. Although some of her words in some songs are decidedly melancholy, her delivery would never show that.

A couple of other clips, the former is recorded at Fairport's Cropredy Festival, 2007.

Guest stars : Judy Dyble, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Mattacks, Iain Matthews, Richard Thompson.

And another, this time from the warm-up show at Woodford Halse Social Club, prior to the Cropredy Festival. It's the 2007 Fairport line-up with former members and guests Vicki Clayton, Judy Dyble, Richard Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Martin Allcock and Jerry Donahue. It also features a very bouncy SWARB !

Just fantastic, great sound on those two clips too.
Judy has a WEBSITE and is also on MYSPACE

** Boring hippy reminiscing warning **

I first heard of Judy Dyble when I was 17, a total stoner, and hanging with all sorts of colourful ( and sometimes dubious ) characters. One in particular was called Taliesyn, a tall guy who jangled with jewelry when he walked, wore a constant bandanna as headwear, and drove a painted commer hippy van with stonehenge on the back doors. needless to say we were hounded a lot by the police :)
Sitting in his room at his ( liberal ) mothers house in leafy Buckinghamshire, lots of pagan posters ( esp Fitzpatrick ) on the wall, candles... cliched hippy pad but delightful all the same.... smoking much sticky black pot ( which was far easier to get then as it is now ... none of that rocky crap for us ! ) and rolling numerous long ones for the road on album covers.
His room was the first place I heard Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, Beverley Martin and Trader Horne....
And so yes I did partake in an act of desecration on Judy Dyble's face.. I rolled a fat one ( actually more than one ) on " Morning Way ". I am sure I am not the first..... and I am sure she wouldn't mind :)
And then stoned, wobbling, stumbling into said hippy bus for the short journey to the Iron Horse ( known by everyone who drank there as the " Iron lung " due to the big heavy cloud of cannabis smoke that slapped you in the face as soon as you walked inside ) , a pub that counted the Windsor chapter of Hells Angels, lots of potheads, Deadheads, A DJ called " Kozmic Ken " ( who is still Dj-ing ), spotty underagers and arty students as its clientelle. I worked the bar for a while and it could get quite hairy ( not just cos of the biker beards either ).
On weekend nights a helpful ( and bent ) police friend would call the bar to warn us we were about to be raided, and everyone would drop their substances a) behind the bar sofas, or b) in the beer garden grass. The police would come and usually leave empty handed. Of course it was rare that anyone was able to easily find there stash again so upon closing time, the bar staff would have a nice bonus is they could be arsed to go look for said dropped packages. I rarely had to buy my dope whilst I worked there :)

The Iron is now gone, knocked down for some shitty office building, along with it the yellow nicotine walls and hairy, stinky bikers. A part of my youth gone for good.....


Suzy said...

"Boring hippy reminiscing warning"? Count me in!!! That would be about the time my kids start rolling their eyes and clearing their throats meaningfully.

May I put you on my blog roll, for easy access purposes?

Jude said...

I'm blushing here like a mad thing, and I am looking forward to reading your interview with me. I wonder what I'm going to say? :-)