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Friday, 18 July 2008

The Boundless living challenge !

I just joined another network, free to join, invited by my friend Addy on facebook. The group that I was invited to is absolutely busting at the seams with positive energy and spirit, and within an hour I am chatting to healers, a lady who has written a musical lol and all sorts of creative and colourful souls.

The group is HERE if anyone is interested ( not a referral link ), that is the link to my profile.

So what is this group?
It is the 45 day Boundless living challenge, a place to manifest it seems. I am new there and don't know too much about it yet as it is in pre-launch but if it is anything like the energy I have felt there tonight then I am glad I have joined.

I have been busy compiling a load of musician resources in the form of pdf
e- books and software which I will be uploading and sharing in the next few days. There is so good stuff there for musicians and I also have got my mitts on a load of business stuff for those withing to grow their web presence and tips on networking etc. I will be adding those links too, probably in a big zip file on rapidshare or something similar.

Behind the scene , I am busy busy busyyyyy designing the main BE A GODDESS MUSIC site which will incorporate many of the resources on this blog in one spot as well as be a big time resource for musicians and the like. I am networking like mad with other artistic women so expect to see some of them featured too.

The new site will have a very large downloads section, the majority of which will be 100% free. I will also be adding both free and paid loop libraries, how-to's, tech stuff for recording and graphics stuff too.

There is still a lot to do so inbetween building the site I am taking breaks to network and build relationships with others who I can work with and assist. Women in numbers are strong, and I believe in the concept of
" paying it forward ", so this looks to be an interesting project.

I am also learning about autoresponders, lists, business plans and all sorts of stuff so if I am not on here as much you know why... it means my brain has gone pop :)